American manufacturers of Gun Safes and Gun safes Amseco closer look and Cannon Gun Safes

When shopping for manufacturers of safes and gun cabinets, you can & # 39; sa good practice to stick with manufacturers who respond to the higher standards to remain competitive in the market. In the US, it often means that quality at the local level. American-made products tend to adhere to a higher standard to be viable. Here is an alphabetical list of some US manufacturers gun safes, and what to expect.

American Security Safes Also known as "Amseco" the Amseco gun safes enjoyed among solid reputation for gun owners for decades, the company began in 1948 are manufactured in California, arguably the strictest state in the union when it comes to regulatory standards for safe production (eg, "CA DOJ-approved" symbol gun safes), Amseco knows the trade. They made a name for themselves by being the first manufacturer to receive UL safe & # 39; and TL-15 and TL-30 classification system, anti-theft devices they include. They were the first to create a round door vaults – an innovative design that deters break-ins. American Security Safes found this door is the high price was enough to send them to the drawing board to create a cost-effective, although certainly, square and rectangular door design. They are driven by quality to price.

Cannon Safes Cannon has a safe manufacturing business for more than four decades. Their task was to provide affordable security options and supports products is one of the best warranties on the market. The Cannon gun safe behind a lifetime warranty. Canon offers a lifetime replacement guarantee and pay a tech to open the safe after attempted burglary safes, fire or other disaster. They also have to pay for on-site repair or shipping charges to send secure and factory for either of these disastrous events. The reason being, Cannon gun safes long-term investment in the company & # 39; s eyes. As for the fire rating UL RSC-security safes are certified against burglary and Intertek-ETL certified for 30 minutes, 90 minutes in some models of Safari models.

Liberty Liberty is a Utah-based company, new industry standards in the industry (1988), but they're used to the best business practices to make a significant name for themselves. The safes have the UL, Underwriter & # 39; . Lab and quickly reached the top position in the full-size home safes in the US, good work ethics and procurement National Security Safe Co. & # 39; 97. It is also designed door technology are "HiSecurity composite" doors, which FireBoard layered, hardened steel plate and steel added fire protection and safety standards. These shops also operates an innovative shelving system is a patented system and introduced the Liberty that was adjustable.

Spotlight: American Security Safes

As previously reported, among Amseco gun safes with some of the best prepared in the history of show. They developed a complex structure that combines a hard disk with concrete, which then was still a winner to eliminate fire and theft. Due to their innovative design and focus on building anti-theft, during UL testing Amseco gun safes worthy of the anti-theft rating TL-15 and TL-30, which remains one of the best ratings in the retail market safely. The rating means that the question is resistant safes concerted attack invaders device 15 or 30 minutes, and the U.S. Department of Justice statistics show that in most safes against burglary average of about 7 minutes. In other words, these safes buys the necessary time to protect your investments.

American Security Safes has started since Glenn Hall in about 1948th In the beginning, only Glenn started the welding machine and lathe and wanted to have a secure safe that can withstand a break-in attempts. Amseco gun safes have formed keeping with this focus in mind and the decades have made substantial progress in engineering to keep ahead of the game.

Such a plan was the porthole. They are very effective deterrent against theft, but essentially the high cost of production. However, this function was held Amseco design innovation ahead of the competition and the design is a standard against which others are measured.

Because of the increased demand for safes, he wanted to make the American Security Safes cheaper than the common man. The door has been redesigned to accommodate a square, while maintaining a high level of safety for consumers. This required changes to the other store operating to standard high security, it took all of 1960 & # 39; s. In the 90 & # 39; s, Amseco was the first company (in the US) to receive the UL & # 39; s invading rating (see above), which is ahead of the competition. In fact, very few manufacturers bother this high level of security while Amseco & # 39; s concern for burglary before most manufacturers today, with a few exceptions.

American Security Safes has hit the production of higher quality by itself. Another example of how to put the electronic lock on the usual so-called "Method 106 Mil-0202", which is a military-grade standards to check the reliability electronics.

as the date Amseco gun safes for the best welding construction practices, and the company, swirling around Safes 600k / year, Fontana, CA. When you buy Amseco gun safes, you & # 39; ll be treated to affordable quality and scratch-resistant interior, gun racks, shelves and plenty of space. They also offer fantastic "No Cost" guarantee – no shipping costs, repair, replacement in case of an attempted burglary or fire.

Spotlight: Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safes to Cannon Safes, whose motto. "Nothing Protects like a Cannon" They have been in business for more than four decades, and has been making innovations in the game plan. They specialize in design break-throughs, and back it all up with a strong "life" guarantee. As Amseco that has a lifetime warranty, which includes shipping, parts and labor or replacement during a theft attempt safe, flood or fire damage.

Cannon safes are five main lines: Traditional, Cannon, Patriot, American Eagle and Safari. They also offer the home and office safes, which are more in the line of personal-size safe, as opposed to the larger gun cabinet style dryers. Cannon also guaranteed a series wall.

Starting with the traditional series, and there are a handful of safes in a row, beautiful to look at. Elegance can not be what you think about when you consider safe, but there you have it. This class offers a safe rounded edges on the outside, which is supposedly greater durability. In contrast to the interior is great, oak shelves, upholstered surfaces, and even interior lighting options and a dehumidifier option as well. The ETL certification fire-rated capacity of 1200 F for 90 minutes. The handle is a nice 5-spoke, it protects better than expected required UL Type 1 rated electronic lock (industrial grade). The security, secure multi-relockers theft attempt, and a screw-down option as well.

Safari series which is shared by the more economical "Serengeti" and the top-of-the-spectrum "Dangerous Game" series, the latest Cannon design of weapons available. A Dangerous Game Cannon gun safe is multiple choice. Boasting beautiful pin striping and painted bust of buffalo, Dangerous Game Series is essentially a conventional (top row), but Safari design to it. The edges are rounded than traditional suede-lined interior and added shelving for small luxuries.

Other features Cannon gun safes, which are nice touches (not available on all models): the internal LED lighting, which comes when the door is open (like a refrigerator) and switches off when you close the door on a great touch! So the dehumidifier rod that you can choose, but you can usually buy them after market. Of course, you can only use a desiccant pack, but the cable slot is a nice touch that the mold off. The Cannon "Tru-Rack" system is one of the only mining opportunities in the market that allows you to rack as many weapons as you can & # 39; advertised, so the 36-gun safes can store 36 long guns.

The Serengeti fire resistant for 60 minutes at 1200 F ETL, while the dangerous game is 90 minutes. The Serengeti & # 39; door and a composite 1.5 ", a dangerous game 2:25" composite, and two double steel 10 or 12-gauge steel fire protection. Another difference is the capacity in which the Serengeti is less dangerous play, goes up to a 36-gun capacity.

No matter what product or buy the American Security Safes Cannon Gun Safes, it & # 39; be sure that your investment will be protected by high design, reputation, and ensures that you & # 39 should ensure, again, that is a wise decision.

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