My Canon digital camera says "Memory Card Error" – Help!

Many people are asking about the camera's memory card displays them in an error message. If this kind of problem, do not worry, because this problem is often asked among photographers. Do not forget that if this thing happens, just do not format the card, and it should not take more pictures. You should be aware that the photos still intact on the memory card, it takes multiple images to rename the old ones.

So what do you do if you really need that picture off although the card is corrupt? Here are some things to solve this problem:

First of all, check the camera manufacturer's website and check out the latest SDHC cards will not work with the older camera. It is therefore probably need to change the memory card standard SD card only (usually those 2GB or less).

Second, you can format the card to correct problems with the camera, but please remember to format the card in the camera can also delete all the photos on the card.

Third, make sure you do not accidentally insert the small side slider locking the SD card in the "closed" position down. You need to slide up toward the direction of the connectors correct "tripped" position.

There are many other troubleshooting items to check the problem of "memory card locked" or "media failure". The important thing to remember is not the format, if you need the pictures and you will get a message that says "no image" or "no data" if the Canon properly formatted.

Source by Erwin Rooshartono

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