Itching Parasites drive you crazy

Rare skin parasites, which thousands of relentless itchy skin, suffered from people around the world are becoming more common. The itching is so intense and relentless that the only relief is to be near scalding baths several times a day to keep the vermin at bay.

How itchy skin parasites contracted? One lady contracted them a bird nest she knocked on the window. Another lady contracted them while they rented furniture transportation furniture with her husband. A person contracted by dust during cutting down a dead tree. Another woman took out a nest of mice in a comforting stored in the garage, and contracted with them. Exchange clothes was a bridesmaid in the wedding Another downfall of another woman. One woman even says he contracted a fellow sitting opposite him in a work meeting. He claims to have seen drops coming out of his mouth as he spoke. My own personal hell began when there was a dust storm descends on me as I pulled a strangulating vine on a tree in my garden.

onset of symptoms usually begins about 24-36 hours after exposure. The initial symptoms of itching, skin leaders of the individual to a hot bath to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately, within a few hours of intense itching returned. Anti-itch creams only a few hours respite.

Generally, very little could be seen with the naked eye, except perhaps a few noticed their skin glistening in the sunlight. Within a few days, the symptoms are more severe, itching develops a spicy sensation that feels like it's from the skin such as rashes and lesions developing everywhere.

The family doctor usually requires Elimite, Diprolene, Quell, cortisone, sulfa drugs and antibiotics … the rash. There is an immediate relief for up to four days, and itchy skin symptoms returned in full force. It's almost as if the parasites adapt and become immune to the barrage of treatments.

Then the family doctor refers the individual to a dermatologist or a specialist. A dermatologist or a specialist is often at a loss to explain the physical condition. Because I can not diagnose anything, it often suggests the problem is caused by stress or because of changes that scratched with a fingernail.

After referring to, subtract a plug samples of blood and tissue. The disease ultimately believes that the results of the investigation to identify the offending organism and start waiting for the results of the tests, so the appropriate treatment can be given.

However, the blood test comes back basically normal, except for a slight increase in the CBC which may indicate a mild infection – nothing to worry about. And the results of the biopsy also negative. The individual begins to think that he / she is living in a bad dream.

Unknowingly while all this is happening, the suffering environment – this is the entire home, including all furniture, bedding, clothing … infected. Some sufferers are beginning to see black spots or gritty material in their bedding or noticed some injuries and cotton fibers emerging as a material of the skin.

The desperation and panic leads to all kinds of foreign worms, herbs, chelation therapy, removal of amalgam or iron filings for their teeth to remove the mercury, drugs in Mexico, faith healing, rifing … mostly to no avail.

The offending parasites usually one or more different skin parasites

1. Collembola (spring tails)

2. Strongyloides stercoralis

3. Morgellons

Unfortunately, the fact that almost all physicians inexperienced in the treatment of these two agents, and there are no diagnostic tests available. And ironically, one that can be identified (Strongyloides) requiring a wormer which again is rare nematode management of inexperienced doctors.

How are typically contracted the skin of



bed bugs.

contaminated clothing, furniture, jewelry …

The Strongloides life cycle where they exist internally and partly takes them out of their life cycle in human skin, which can contaminate others. So despite the fact that initially range from mites and bed bugs, they can range from simple warm skin contact with contaminated clothing or furniture.

no sexual contact in case of need for a gearbox – a simple skin contact is all that is required.

long-term exposure can lead to complications memory loss, joint pain, brain fog, fibromyalgia, ADHD, bipolar disorder … However, it is unknown whether these complications or because only parasites on the skin because accompanying Lyme disease and protozoal infections that often accompany the skin parasites.

If the skin is infected with parasites lot of hard work is needed to make life return.

first Disinfection in all environments, bed linen, clothes, jewelry, cars, workstations …

2. The Epson salts bath protocols, and then wipe the tea tree oil body lotion and using 999 (available in Chinese shops).

3. The parasite / Lyme diet that is high in protein and most popular zero carbohydrates, such as fruits, wheat … Skin parasites eating habits. There are certain foods that are enjoyed and pay the feed milling and itching and there are food, starve them. It required three years to discover and perfect your diet. Fortunately, it has been reported that all known types of skin parasites. This is also a special diet that allows you to the next point to create the magic.

4. By using Orap or successful eradication of a number of other prescription drugs a lot of worms.

Yes, life can return to normal from these parasites itchy skin, and you wake up this bad dream, and there was an e-book soothing all directions in the Itch and diet control.

Source by Richard Kuhns

Secret World Of Spy Tracking inkjet!

The idea that the printer ink cartridges can monitor all printing activity may be a conspiracy theory too far. But in fact, while inkjet cartridges are not the assets of the secret government agents, the reality is that the standard inkjet printers have a hidden spy left a trail back to the base.

This is a well-guarded secret that only came to light relatively recently. More than twenty years ago, it was set up secret technology to try to prevent the false printing paper money, certificates and sensitive documents. As a result, it became perfectly possible that the initiator is a fake produced high quality, state of the art printing machines that can be traced back to the printed false documents.

All that is known in the detection method is that it is based on a microscopic dot pattern encryption. Even now, the information is classified. However, it is still possible to discover if the printer still has the means to secretly encoded text pages printed on the sheet carefully examining a strong, bright light. A very thorough analysis should begin to reveal a barely visible pattern of yellow dots covering the entire surface of the page.

The microscopic yellow dots are encoded with the date and time that will allow the government or other official security agencies to track back to find the printer that initially the page. Although the continued confidentiality is always maintained, some reports may not come to light surrounding the "yellow dot code" in the periods 2004 and 2008

almost certainly the main objective has been to only the ability during that career is serious, large-scale counterfeiting operations on a limited number of advanced technology available printers. However, there were massive price cuts, color laser printers in the mass market. It probably could not have foreseen that, regardless of size or price, many small and home-based businesses as well as corporate and business printer will contain a tracking technology. Research conducted previously found that the most popular brand in the home user market for color laser printers have been discovered containing a yellow dot encryption technology.

Unfortunately, nothing prevents any single page printed carrying the "code yellow dot 'laser printer to print can be traced back to the original source. However, significant advances in monitoring technology developed in recent years. The upside is that it is almost certain that the new generation of highly sophisticated and impossible-to-detect encrypted tracking sensors have replaced the original yellow dots.

Therefore, it is unlikely – although not impossible – that would be any modern business or home office now have a working ink printer that includes the original yellow dot tracking technology.

Source by Kelvin Graham