Secret World Of Spy Tracking inkjet!

The idea that the printer ink cartridges can monitor all printing activity may be a conspiracy theory too far. But in fact, while inkjet cartridges are not the assets of the secret government agents, the reality is that the standard inkjet printers have a hidden spy left a trail back to the base.

This is a well-guarded secret that only came to light relatively recently. More than twenty years ago, it was set up secret technology to try to prevent the false printing paper money, certificates and sensitive documents. As a result, it became perfectly possible that the initiator is a fake produced high quality, state of the art printing machines that can be traced back to the printed false documents.

All that is known in the detection method is that it is based on a microscopic dot pattern encryption. Even now, the information is classified. However, it is still possible to discover if the printer still has the means to secretly encoded text pages printed on the sheet carefully examining a strong, bright light. A very thorough analysis should begin to reveal a barely visible pattern of yellow dots covering the entire surface of the page.

The microscopic yellow dots are encoded with the date and time that will allow the government or other official security agencies to track back to find the printer that initially the page. Although the continued confidentiality is always maintained, some reports may not come to light surrounding the "yellow dot code" in the periods 2004 and 2008

almost certainly the main objective has been to only the ability during that career is serious, large-scale counterfeiting operations on a limited number of advanced technology available printers. However, there were massive price cuts, color laser printers in the mass market. It probably could not have foreseen that, regardless of size or price, many small and home-based businesses as well as corporate and business printer will contain a tracking technology. Research conducted previously found that the most popular brand in the home user market for color laser printers have been discovered containing a yellow dot encryption technology.

Unfortunately, nothing prevents any single page printed carrying the "code yellow dot 'laser printer to print can be traced back to the original source. However, significant advances in monitoring technology developed in recent years. The upside is that it is almost certain that the new generation of highly sophisticated and impossible-to-detect encrypted tracking sensors have replaced the original yellow dots.

Therefore, it is unlikely – although not impossible – that would be any modern business or home office now have a working ink printer that includes the original yellow dot tracking technology.

Source by Kelvin Graham

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