Trends Of toner and ink cartridges

Two reports recently released by Lyra Research, the digital imaging authority, providing in-depth information analysis and forecast market data in the field of digital imaging devices. The results, which are published in these reports Lyra utilize the findings, which were originally released in the first half of 2011 Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service forecast 360. The two reports forecast the world each toner between 2008-2015 and 2008-2015 Forecast cartridge on the desktop.

every toner World Forecast, 2008-2015 explains that the trough occurred in the laser printer market. Sales will continue to grow in future markets and get back to the year 2011, this increase in hardware sales caused significant recovery in demand for those who need to get to the toner. The change is also expected to expand to color output devices and cartridges consignment can handle print jobs that are high-volume demands. The total is expected to increase to EUR 379 million in 2010, up to 445 million in 2015, the highest growth in Asia and Latin America.

every desktop ink Forecast World, 2008-2015 takes a look at the last two years, and that was the market for ink cartridges impact of the recession. This is partly because the WiFi networks, different printing habits for computer users, and use screen-based devices. Deliveries are expected to increase, especially for users gravitate away from the use tricolor cartridges for printers and select the better quality, which the individual color ink cartridges. The prices of the cartridges is expected to drop, but revenues will rise to an increase in sales from # 29 billion in 2010, up $ 33 billion in 2015, the greatest growth will be in sales similar to the laser toner forecasts, the highest growth in Latin America and Asia lesser growth occurring in Europe and the United States.

The recession, the impact of the ink cartridge market, as it did in many other markets. Larry Jamieson, a senior analyst at Lyra Research, also noted that other changes, such as the "forces arising from changes in printer usage patterns, such as the MPS engagements, WiFi networks, and the use of mobile devices and screen-based applications" contribute aa market changes and forecasts. This does not mean that the market is completely dead, and reports indicate that expectations of imaging devices in lean toward modest but steady growth fueled by a general shift towards consumer color output devices.

Source by Alex R. Chong

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